wearing these during sex
"We can tell our children that school is important until we’re blue in the face, they’re not stupid. They see the loudest applause is for the kids on the field. They know teachers are paid poorly and don’t drive fancy cars. They know people plan Super Bowl parties but mock the National Spelling Bee. In other words, they see the hypocrisy, and we can’t expect society to correct itself. If we want to have any lasting influence on the way our kids approach education — the way future generations approach education — then we have to grab our pom-poms and paint our faces and celebrate intellectual curiosity with the same vigor we do their athletic achievements." -

Why I’m raising my son to be a nerd - CNN.com (via daydre-ams)


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Wehn I spelll somerhing wromg in a texl I donl even care anymere. Just hopw the pemson can figure it out.

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